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NSW Civil Administrative Tribunal – Family Court Australia – Supreme Court

Advocate on behalf of landlords and tenants in disputes

Sydneyside Valuations are property experts in Sydney. With over 30 years experience working in the property sector in Sydney, we have the skills and resources to service a broad range of professional clients with property interests. We work with International and local professionals and advisors including lawyers, accountants and passive and active investors, to facilitate and resolve market value and rental property disagreements and disputes. 

SydneySide Valuations

NCAT – NSW Civil Administrative Tribunal

SydneySide has received instructions from strata managers, lawyers, owners corporations and lot holders to prepare expert court reports or advocate court reports in strata disputes.

We have acted on behalf of clients in regards to their strata unit allocation, rental loss due to owners corporation inaction, and the purchase of common property by lot owners. Talk to us about your NCAT dispute.

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Family Court of Australia

Family breakdown is an unfortunate and common reality in today’s  life. We have acted as joint appointed valuers to assess the market value of each property asset where a matter has come before the court for dissolution.

From family residence to investment properties within the retail or commercial sectors, make up parts of a typical family property portfolio. Our expert family court reports help you move to a resolution. We have acted for high net worth families down to the single asset family and our support and sensitivity during the process provides another level of care around our reports.

SydneySide Valuations

Supreme Court

Commercial disputes involving the market value of property assets or rental value of rental property whether it be retail, industrial or commercial require expert reports to be prepared for the court.

Well structured and researched reports have provided our clients with an edge. Construction matters, valuation negligence matters, failure to complete settlement, changes in market rentals and a vast array of other commercial property value disputes have been the basis of our expert court reports. If you have a matter before you now please contact me for an informal confidential chat.