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Existing Strata Common Property Valuations

Sydneyside Valuations are property experts in Sydney. With over 30 years experience working in the property sector in Sydney, we have the skills and resources to service a broad range of professional clients with property interests. We work with International and local professionals and advisors including lawyers, accountants and passive and active investors, to facilitate and resolve market value and rental property disagreements and disputes. 

Sydneyside Valuations

Changes to Existing Strata Areas

Changes to existing strata areas are inevitable over time; changes in occupancy to residential and commercial floor areas may occur whereby common property attic space, car spaces, storage areas, or other common property are purchased by a lot holder from the Owners corporation and become part of the strata floor area.

The change in the floor area from a lot holder purchasing additional strata area from the Owners Corporation will trigger a reallocation of unit entitlements.

Sydneyside Valuations

Valuation Reports for Common Property

We are able to prepare a valuation report to determine a valuation amount to be paid to the Owners Corporation for the sale of the common property to the lot holder and prepare a separate report to assess the reallocation of unit entitlements due to the change in floor area of single or multiple lot holders.

We have acted as experts in various strata disputes as either court appointed experts or as an advocate for one of the disputing parties.