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Easement Valuations

Sydneyside Valuations are property experts in Sydney. With over 30 years experience working in the property sector in Sydney, we have the skills and resources to service a broad range of professional clients with property interests. We work with International and local professionals and advisors including lawyers, accountants and passive and active investors, to facilitate and resolve market value and rental property disagreements and disputes. 

Sydneyside Valuations

Easement Rights

Easements are generally used to secure rights of access and rights for use of the land for utilities and infrastructure such as electricity lines, water supply pipes, sewer pipes, bridges, drainage, and walking paths. An easement does not grant ownership of the land.

Sydneyside Valuations

Temporary or Permanent Easement

We prepare easement valuations for these very purposes either as an expert to the Court or for parties to assist in their negotiations in the granting of a temporary or permanent easement.

If you are about to seek an easement or be burdened with an easement reach out to SydneySide Valuations for advice.