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Sydneyside Valuations are property experts in Sydney. With over 30 years experience working in the property sector in Sydney, we have the skills and resources to service a broad range of professional clients with property interests. We work with International and local professionals and advisors including lawyers, accountants and passive and active investors, to facilitate and resolve market value and rental property disagreements and disputes. 

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Post Covid Boom

More regulation and more controls have hit the boarding house market as post covid demand for rooms is resuscitated. The demand for boarding rooms has traditionally been driven by low cost room rates and the high cost of the alternative residential rental market in Sydney.

Boarding houses have traditionally been poorly regulated with existing buildings being converted to multiple rooms with shared kitchen, bathroom, laundry facilities.

Sydneyside Valuations

Attractive Yields

Competition in this space due to attractive yields has brought new corporate investors providing architecturally designed purpose-built boarding houses with each room being self-contained, significantly increasing the standard of accommodation and returns.

Our experience and understanding of the boarding house room rates, regulations and yields allow SydneySide to provide comprehensive advice and professional valuation reports.